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About this course

In this module you will learn that improving the health of populations is complex work and demands that we define health broadly, that we measure all aspects of health – thinking about cause and effect – and that we recognize the fact that the health system is only one part of the solution for improving health.

What you'll learn

After completing the training, you will be able to...

  • Identify 5 factors that may impact the health of a community
  • Explain the limitations of Medical Model and Lalonde model of health.
  • Describe the importance of social determinants of health for a community.
  • Apply Evans/Stoddart model to examine the social determinants of health within a specific community.

Subject Matter Experts

  • Dorothy Bazos, PhD
    Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Community & Family Medicine, The Dartmouth Institute Director, Dartmouth Population
    Health Research Center

  • Jonathan Stewart, MA, MHA
    Regional Director
    U.S. Health Services,
    Northern New England

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