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LPHI Emergency Preparedness Training Certificate

Do you work in Emergency Preparedness or want to learn more about it? This certificate will give you a broad knowledge base and you will receive a training certificate upon successful completion.

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Course Information

  • Format: Self-paced
  • Price: Free
  • Length: 15 Self-paced trainings and exam
  • Competencies: Emergency Preparedness
  • Learning Level: Awareness through performance
  • Supplemental materials: None

About this course

The Emergency Preparedness Training Certificate is produced by the Local Public Health Institute of Massachusetts, in conjunction with the Office of Preparedness and Emergency Management (OPEM) of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The Emergency Preparedness Training Certificate has been developed for staff and volunteers from municipal or state agencies across Massachusetts who are responsible for public health emergency preparedness and response activities.

Candidates may include, but not limited to:

  • Board of Health or other governing body members
  • Municipal Compliance Officers or Sanitarians
  • Emergency Preparedness Coordinators
  • Environmental Health Inspectors, Sanitarians, or Specialists
  • Health Agents
  • Health Directors or Commissioners
  • Health Inspectors
  • Public Health Nurses

The Certificate is a bundle of 15 individual trainings that cover a wide breadth of Emergency Preparedness topics. All required trainings are available on-line, 24/7, and can be taken at the candidate’s own pace. If a candidate has completed one of the required trainings within 5 years, they need not take the training again – submission of their previous certificate will be accepted. The majority of the courses are hosted by the LPHI, but some are hosted by other organizations including the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Candidates for this Certificate should move through the list of required trainings at their own pace and in the order of their own choosing. Continuing education credits are awarded for completion of most individual trainings, and vary by topic (generally from one to six contact hours). After completion of each individual training, you will need to upload the certificate of completion for that particular block of the certificate to the appropriate section (details on how to do this are provided in the technical help section below.) Once all individual criteria have been completed and verified, you will be given access to the culminating exam.

This culminating exam, developed by Subject Matter Experts, will test the knowledge and skills gained through the individual trainings. The exam is scenario-based, multiple choice, and open book. Upon successful completion of the exam, candidates are awarded the LPHI Emergency Preparedness Certificate.


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